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Originally Posted by MissAnonymous View Post
You can claim PIP for mental health problems just the same as physical health conditions. It is about how the illness affects your daily living tasks. If you are unable to work and qualify for ESA I would seriously look at the criteria for PIP because you may well qualify for some benefit here and this is not income related.
Originally Posted by random.swirls View Post
The thing is ESA isn't a disability benefit but a sickness benefit. Whilst some people claiming ESA will be on it for the long term others may be on it following an operation or accident.

PIP is a disability benefit and is for any disability including mental health. I claim DLA for my mental health and have no physical disability.
I went to C.A.B today, and just wanted to let you know that you guys were right, I do qualify for P.I.P, and after a lot of persuasion I did with their guidance put in a claim for P.I.P, so I just wanted to put in a personal thank you here for both C.A.B who helped me today and you guys who did indeed try your hardest to give me the right advice. Things are finally looking a lot better and although I've missed my uni course for this year not having secured the funding, and having missed the first week of the course, I'm now all set for next year, this also gives me time to work on my mental health, and my current mental exhaustion, after what seems like such a difficult time :)

Although I felt penalised, I believe I owe you guys an apology for suggesting I'd chosen not to apply for DLA or PIP as I'd feel greedy, this in no way suggests anyone else is greedy, I guess it's my own family upbringing and misconceptions that led me to feel a lack of self worth and a clouded way of thinking, I hope you guys will accept my apology :)

I still feel that the Job centre representative who stated categorically that I'm not disabled, is Ignorant, but they are just one possibly poorly trained individual, and with any luck I won't have to face such ignorance in future, I'm just glad to finally have managed to smile properly for the first time in months :)

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