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Originally Posted by MissAnonymous View Post
You can claim PIP [or DLA, not that they are taking new claims anymore] for mental health problems just the same as physical health conditions.
Originally Posted by MissAnonymous View Post
I think [do not quote me] the problem you may be encountering is that if you were to recieve this course grant then DWP would have to deduct whatever the grant pays you, from your ESA and essentually you would then have no money to live off. Even if it is paid directly to the uni, it would still be in your name, and to your benefit; thus DWP states it is an income.

If the above were to be true, the DWP could have been trying to prevent you from making the mistake of having your benefit cut and no money to live on.
I am being penalised because I chose not to be greedy, in claiming DLA/PIP, you got it in 1, I consider preventing someone going to uni by expecting them to live on fresh air, discrimination, when clearly I am in receipt of less money than someone claiming DLA/PIP, thus deliberately giving me a disadvantage over others who do claim DLA/PIP.

I also feel that for a Job centre representative to state categorically that I'm not disabled, to be Ignorant and discriminative, I consider this an admission they wish me not to improve my future job prospects, and to remain on benefits, and wish me to feel a burden to society for the foreseeable future.

The system seems extremely backward to me and the stress of actually trying to help myself, has rendered me even more mentally exhausted than when I even began trying to help myself.

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