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The course grant would be paid by student finance wales, it's a maximum of up to 1,155 and is paid direct to the uni to cover the 900 a year course fees for the part time HEC in Digital Media.

"The DWP stated categorically on the phone that I am Not Disabled", therefore with my ESA being an income based benefit, my ESA would be cut if I was to apply for the course grant (which is considered income according to the DWP - "I believe this to be wrong!").

I was told the only qualifying benefit I can be on to qualify to have my course funded and keep my benefit would be DLA/PIP, however I have mental health difficulties, I have not nor would I ever apply for DLA/PIP as I don't claim to have a physical disability.

I consider someone being allowed the funding to increase future job prospects if they are physically disabled and in receipt of DLA/PIP, no different than someone with mental health trying to improve future job prospects in the very same way but in receipt of ESA, and there fore putting me at a disadvantage to someone with a physical disability, thus making it mental health discrimination.

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