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I am here if you want to talk hun. What you need to do is commit yourself to recovery. Go to all your appointments, try the different therapies, and accept all the support you can get. Have you ever been through DBT before? It is a lot of work, and teaches you a lot of different coping skills to deal with the feelings behind the undesired behavior which seems to be purging for you.

You don't want to go into IP treatment...the first priority will be to make you gain weight. And they make you gain it fast. I don't know what type of facility you would be in, but I was involuntarily admitted to the state hospital...and their focus is getting the weight back on you..not helping you cope with the ED. Unless you are going to an ED only treatment center things might be different. But from my experience, I'd really reccommend giving your outpatient therapy your all.

I'm here if you ever want to talk.

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