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My tiny meal today though didn't weigh ? lbs, i even took my clothing into consideration. Whenever i weigh myself i wear the same clothes so they don't really affect it much.

xlbs is a lot to me especially in a week. I've got to be really careful about making sure i eat tomorrow aswell as i meeting up with workmates for dinner so they will try get me to eat so much more than i should do and my stupid body will pig out on all of the crap which will pile on so much more weight which i then can't excersise off as mu husband is on his 4 days off work.

My weight should be lowest at this precist moment in time to allow for the lack of everything i can do when he's at home watching over me, stuffing me like he's planning on cooking me up for christmas.

Sorry surprising mystery, i have deleted the number. Thank you for letting me know.

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