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if you are an adult, your parents cannot see admission or medical records without your consent, and generally even insurance eobs go to your name and not theirs. The only thing that goes to their name is the bill for the premium.
Thanks for taking the time to help me out. Unfortunately, while I know that is legally the case and morally it should be the case, in practice it has frequently not been the case in my experience. Professionals, especially medical professionals, have straight-up blatantly ignored HIPAA and other applicable laws, many times. And I don't know how, because I've never dealt with my own insurance yet, but there is something my parents can see on the insurance that tells them I was in the hospital. So far, they haven't found out the reasons for admission through the insurance, but with them, admission is bad enough on its own.

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Are there options for more support as an outpatient if you think that might help?
Thanks for the reply, and yeah I totally understand that you guys technically can't really do much, but I never get to hear other peoples' thoughts on it irl, so it's just me going in circles. But to answer your question, unfortunately, no. I've exhausted all my resources, literally triple-checked that I didn't overlook something, and the very little outpatient treatment I'm getting is very useless. Essentially, I'm alone.

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