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I'm not in your country. But it's my understanding that since you moved, you've had to get set up with new care providers and a new treatment team. That can take quite some time to sort, which obviously is frustrating and isn't necessarily okay, but it is what it is. Even then from there it takes time to learn different people's styles. If they're communicating to you that they care in ways that you don't recognize, then it's going to be helpful for them to know that. They won't know to change what they are doing or their communication style if you don't tell them. Communication works both ways.

If you shut down on them, then they can't help period. Where if you can keep lines open and let them know what ways of communication best work for you, they can hopefully work with that. It might also mean having to set aside some frustrations with the bureaucracy and waiting part of the situation, and making sure you aren't taking that out on them. Again, not saying it's invalid to be frustrated, because you have every right to be. But if you're holding that against them and using that to say they don't care, when they're likely trying to work with the limitations they have, that's doing both yourself and them a disservice. Services might not be perfect, but a lot of times it's beyond control of the people you're directly working with. They might also be well aware and still care, and want to do the best they can. But if you write them off ahead of time, that helps nobody.

Also, I'm not 100% on job descriptions, but if you are wanting more friends, perhaps that is something your support workers and team can help you work on figuring out, or work on how to build connections, but no treatment provider is meant to be your friend. I think you all have similar to what my case manager person does, which is where they can help you do things out in the community, for example. So maybe a support worker can help you work on coming up with ways to get out and build some connections in your community to get some friends, and even go with you to a place. But they are not your friend, nor is it their job or appropriate to be.

Your feelings are valid. I'm not at all trying to say that they aren't. I'm only saying it sounds like your feelings might not be a factual representation of what's going on, so hopefully you can try to separate your actions from your feelings some.

I hope you can go to your appointment and find out what's going on, and let them know that you're not feeling heard or understood.

You can't always keep it separate.
This is happening, this is part of you.

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