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When I read this thread I was happy to see the heading "Today" and read a post from you. You did manage to stay safe for the past week which is fantastic! I am glad you did. This week is full of possibilities. So let's conquer today. RYL wants to be there for you. Have you tried chat?

Sometimes when one is depressed etc. you hone in on certain things to justify negative actions like not asking for help because you won't get the desired response.

I don't think the crisis team, CPN, psychiatrist, psychologist, your brother want you to harm yourself. So please call and leave a message if you have to. Personally, I was not too happy with that format and prefer face to face myself; but at the same time maybe this new charity could provide some additional support and distractions in the next week while you wait for a response.

Find out if your CPN has an emergency coverage CPN or a protocol for their patients who have a crisis. Then rather than focusing on when your CPN gets back from vacation and when the earlier appointment is- you at least know who to reach out to in the interim, updating them on your struggles.

I see my psychiatrist/ psychologist as part of my care team- so what the outcome will be (I can't admit you to IP) is not as important as updating them with where I am at. Calling is sometimes the best way to ensure that they get the message of your needs. If you make a "next appointment" it may be a while before you are seen. That being said, when are your next appointments with your psychiatrist, psychologist, CPN. And maybe you don't want to worry your brother, but if they are able to assist you with going to appointments or making phone calls at the moment- maybe let them- if you are struggling to reach out in this format yourself.

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