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So far I've tried the following with Internships or working Part-Time:

Warehouse & Logistics (I'm not cut out for physically demanding Jobs in general and here the pay to work ratio, even if it is in the management department, is pretty bad.)

Socialworks & Kindergarden (Wasn't too bad since the Kids were easy going but I noticed as soon as it got serious I got uncomfortable and my teaching capabilities are horrible. An Antisocial Persona can't really work in Socialworks don't know why I thought that in the first place.)

Computer & IT (Something I'm pretty good at but I wasn't able to find a specific Field I enjoy. 3D Softwares are pretty fun but as soon as actually creating Code comes in I loose interest. For System management and maintenance I miss the creative aspect. Electrician / Technician didn't strike me at all the Internship was probably the worst of them all. I'm continuously lookng for new Fields in this categroy though since it has good future potential.)

Guitar builder (This is the most interesting thing I've tried so far and I'm actually trying to find an apprenticeship for this. However there barely are any Companies here and I don't really see a future in this. People that I asked about this told me they themselves have trouble staying afloat so not an easy thing to find Work for.)

The rest was stuff like working in a supermarket or other Part Time Jobs I don't have interest in learning.

In Terms of Counseling the Job counseling was pretty bad since they tried to put me into Fields that need People instead of something I fit in. What kind of Counseling am I looking for? I don't have a GP altough it's the norm here aswell.

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