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Eating disorders, exercise and quality of life online survey

Hey all,

This board is very quiet, so not sure if anyone will actually see this, but worth a try I guess!

I am a postgraduate student at the University of Chichester, and I am currently running a study examining the relationships between eating disorders, exercise and quality of life, and some of the variables that may influence these relationships (such as the way you feel about your body and the standards you have for yourself).

Participation in the study involves completing an online survey - here. The requirements for this study are just that you suffer from some form of eating disorder (or disordered eating, whether diagnosed or not) and have no other long-term health condition which affects your ability to participate in physical activity.

This project has been approved by the University of Chichester's Ethical Policy Framework, and any responses are confidential and anonymous. No particular risks are anticipated from the study, and you are able to withdraw your data if you later choose to, up until the time when the project has been submitted. More detail is included about the research and participation in the survey link above, and you are of course free to choose not to participate after reading that, or to exit the survey at any point.

You are also very welcome to receive more information about the study's aims and findings if you're interested, and the link above also has contact information for both myself and my supervisor.

Any help is much appreciated. :)


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