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I went out and it was horrible. And then I got home and theres a huge form to fill out about my ability to work from the DWP. And I'm really tired because I spent like 3 hours on the phone late last night talking to and trying to calm down my bipolar auntie who everyone else wont talk to. And then another hour talking to my normal auntie because bipolar auntie is making threats that concern and are about normal auntie. And normal auntie asked me how I was and I ended up crying myself into a state. Then I had to wait for the hot water tank to warm up so I could have a bath because I hadn't done it in a long time. But I had a bath and my body doesnt smell anymore. So then I could go out today but it was horrible and I had to spend one pound on sellotape because the roll I brought with me ran out so I couldn't get chippy chips just Pepsi and chocolate and the chippy chips were what I made myself go out for and then I couldn't get them and I'm really cold.

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