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RYL Revamp

Hi all,

So over the last few months there have been several threads around quiet boards and making changes to the forums.

There has been a vote and the general consensus is that change is wanted and so RYL is going to be overhauled as below:-

The General Boards

General Chat, News & Debate - merged
F&D as a sub-forum
Research and Media as a sub-forum
Reviews & Recs and Creative - merged, new sub title
FC&Q - I still feel like it holds a weight of importance that warrants its own forum, regardless of activity levels
Picture board
Events and Meet Ups

The Support Boards

One board for eating issues
One board for self injury/harm
One board for serious
One board for GSA
One board for mental health
R and v kept as is
A and b kept
First Aid kept

Veterans General and Support will be merged back into one forum.

This is not going to be a quick or easy process as it is going to take time unless I magically discover a short cut!

No post's will be deleted I want to make that clear from the start.

I am going to start with the general boards and do them step by step so start merging News and Debate in with General Chat and so on.

The front page of all the boards that are merging will be done individually once done I will close that board for posting. I am going to block move all the remaining threads so it does mean some threads that are old will be in odd forums but it's the only way I can keep my sanity and 99% of old threads won't be bumped. If you do have an active old thread please PR it this will be the case principally for those in moving forward.

I will give notice that I am getting ready to move threads a few days before so you will have advanced warning that the board will soon disappear.

If I could do it in one fell swoop that would be amazing but as yet I can't that does mean it will be a turbulent few weeks especially as I know change is unsettling. Hopefully it won't be to arduous and RYL will settle down and function much better over the coming months.


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