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intentional face wounds.. how to stop?

ive been self harming for the past 4 years, and my typical place to cut is on my thighs. recently, however, i have picked up another way of self harm by picking at my face and causing intentional wounds/bleeding. i think i picked up this "habit" from a combination of my anxiety and also being triggered, and i know that face wounds and wounds caused by bare hands can be infected really easily (in fact, some of mine have been infected before and caused a huge mess). some of the wounds on my face have been there for months because i constantly reopen them, and some of them have spread to the edges of my scalp, where hair follicles are. i know that those can cause bald spots if i continue to reopen them. i already have some very minor scarring around my hairline, and its gotten to the point where anyone i know will tell me to stop if they realize that im picking at my face. sometimes i dont even realize im doing it until I'm bleeding (sometimes due to disassociation), and once i see the blood i want to continue. does anyone have any possible tips on how to break this, and heal the wounds and scarring quickly? much love. x

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