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hey mark, I'm OK, still cutting and still a bit screwed up but generally ok. Can't believe Xmas is nearly here. We finally got an offer on our house that my ex and I accepted today, so hopefully heading for the end with him and can move on. Tough times ahead but at least the end is in sight and hopefully when things settle again I shall return to my SH free existance. I've had enough, I so know where you guys are coming from.

A good friend of mine who got angry every time I hurt myself is reading the book "Cutting" and is actually starting to understand a little, as much as someone who doesn't suffer from the affliction can ;)

You truly are amazing, you know that I hope. Some days I just jump on and read your support for others and feel better somehow. EVen though you suffer from similar stuff as all of us here you always take the time. Makes me feel a bit inadequate! but gives me hope and faith in the human race.

Keep looking after yourself, you're a special guy 'k?


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