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University research ideas

tw eating disorders, bmi criteria

Hi All

So we all know that I am heading off to university this year at last to finally finish my degree, after a long battle with the Open University and the issues with job seeking and my own personal health issues.

However, I am now thinking about my dissertation and although i will be starting it in years time, i am wondering what on earth is it going to be about and if anyone could lend me a hand.

My possible suggestions for dissertation :-

Criticism of the bmi criteria for eating disorder and how far and individual would go to in order to seek the appropiate medical and psychological attention.

To consider if community mental health teams could consider the possibility of testing their patients/service users for addisons disease on the basis of stress, anxiety and the HPA fight and flight response to stress.

For all patients/service users with mental health issues to have regular contact with their psychiatrists and not every three to six months.

Shorter referrral rates for diagnosis, treatment in mental health servcies from eighteen weeks to thirteen weeks


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