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-totally unedited just needed to get something really raw out of me tonight-

clock ticking taking its time
I find myself asking rhetorical questions
cant get rid of his smell
sweet and nice
like the price paid
Can I go home now?
his room is so normal
white walls after he gutted the place
clean cell and were both clean yeah?
I scream inside my head
so I am not heard by
the boys next door in their yard
what did they think when they saw me walk in?
who am I anyway?
clock ticking louder and louder
I feel sick
never take a drink thats offered
why do you want me to fall asleep?
but I get home
at least my body does
my body does everything for me know
its great because I dont have to think
dont have to sweat
his sweat
air freshner
Everywhere I go smells the same now
insane when I get home
when I get home
I keep thinking about home
and hearing a friends voice
not his voice
he wont harm me
just wake up the dead
but I need a home
I need weed
I need college
I need food
cant eat when Ive been with him
and there is a few hims
suburban fathers
I never had one

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