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Yes they are I explained in other posts that these can be used for ADHD patients and they really want them prescribed for myself. So I finally show my true potential and essentially get things done with ease rather than it take all week to write a few words etc. I would like to be able to concentrate as if I was the average joe blogs going about every day life and the sense of going back to something after a small ten minute minute break.
When I was using M (through other channels) I felt alive, like I got smash out that assignment, spend a long time working on something and get a lot done.
Whereas the rays the days is have used it and the days prior to it it would take ages to settle, get up every few minutes and stay interested in the task and not deviate or think about other things until it is done�� also while on it felt I was more stricter with myself. I wouldn’t bat an eyelid at my social media accounts until well after everything was done.

I would give myself permissions to play a game watch Netflix once it was done and bs extremely rigid to avoid slacking off, like being school or work environment. Of course while on M i did have breaks a book or watch something on tv but it was instantly going back to the task it wasn’t like I was years ago prior to it where you got me to do something, lose interest do something else and then never come back to it till the next day or so when I next bothered/cared about it. “You’ve had your ten minutes of fun, get your ass back to that project for Myrtle” and I found that I no longer wanted go on on Facebook or forums all day

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