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I don't know what it would be considered but I think that's only important in the way you are viewing things right now. It is clear that you hold a lot of blame towards yourself and your parents and feel that they have badly let you down. It's always hard when someone hurts you and you don't know how to cope with that. Would it help to talk about your parents or those who have hurt you at all?

It sounds as though you get some comfort from moderating your food intake. There can be something satisfying about restricting, yes, and it appears that you've found that. However, you have so many wonderful things that you want to do and you won't be able to do them if you keep on restricting. Putting it bluntly, restriction can take over your life and it can really make you miss out. It's up to you to show your eating problem who's boss and that you can do all the things you want to do without the restriction etc. by your side.

Are you getting any professional support/outside support with this at all?


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