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My mum called.
'Are you ever going to be able to function again or will you be like this forever'
'Its such a shame that job would be so good for you'
'You didnt tell me you were feeling like that about the job's
'Well you need to get financially solvent'

Were the nice things she said to me.
I DID explicitly tell her that I was terrified of the job and not feeling good about it. I called her out on it
She said oh well you must have explained it very well. I used the words petrified and terrified.
I just told her in detail why I didnt go to the job so telling me how good it would be is ahit are you not listening to anything I said?!
Money is such a HUGE concern for me that I'm not sleeping etc because of it. I cant get financially solvent eifht now and saying shit like that stresses me out even more.

I'm not explaining very well but she makes me feel hideous. I feel like death is my only way out.

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