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Originally Posted by Auror. View Post
Do you want to be responsible for yourself and your actions, and able to have autonomy to make your own decisions and choices?
The point of being sectioned is for them to help work with you to keep safe while you do the mental work necessary to get to a place that you can make decisions for yourself and be responsible. It's on you to engage with them and make choices that move you forward. Hospitals aren't holding cells. They're treatment facilities. You have to make the choice to engage with the support offered, even if it isn't the type of support you feel is best.

You can make the choice to work with what you're being offered and make the most of it, even if it's not perfect. Or you can choose to fight them and not engage.

That said if you're still confused why you're on a section, I'm sure you can ask hospital staff to go over it with you and explain the reasoning and your care plan.

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