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Sorry again for the double post.

I don't know where to best mention a thing about one of my mental health diagnoses and I do not really want to create a new thread or even where it should go.

I have had it for quite a few months now but I am still not okay with it and it is not a thing that ever goes away and apparently it impacts a lot of things. I know that it is not inherently bad or wrong to have as a diagnosis but I do not think I want it and it is also contributing to needing to be dead which then makes me feel guilty for thinking that way and everything just sort of spirals.

I did some things that I think in theory might not have been bad but they feel wrong and thus more guilt and of course it is not a time or day I can contact anyone because it is the weekend and I have no idea what to do.

You can't always keep it separate.
This is happening, this is part of you.

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