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Yes apparently I have misunderstood. Seems to be common. Things did not go great with our therapist human today though. Apparently nobody understands what is going on which means I am explaining wrong and I am just really tired of it. I don't even know if being able to physically talk would help at this point or not.

Nobody seems to understand why I am not understanding or why this is a big deal or anything. She also did not really say anything about being dead. I know she would just say something like it is my choice but the lack of acknowledgement about it is not really helping. I get talking about something a lot makes it sound not like a big deal. I am unsure.

Also could not even tell her about the top surgery thing. There was not time. I am unsure if there is any point emailing her about it or not. Case manager human says they cannot go to the appointment because they are not working that day. I asked them what we should do and they did not respond. So I am unsure if that means we are meant to go on our own or if we need to not go or what.

I honestly just want to ask our case manager human if I be dead while the death is occurring if that would make it stop because I just want out of this body.

I get in theory that I did not understand things right but I do not really see how this is different than being kicked out.

Thanks. Maybe tomorrow I will feel more able to try to work on how I frame things. I understand what you are saying but I also do not really see the point. Not understanding things right is making me feel even more like I should just be dead.

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