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Help with CBT

So my therapy session today marks the start of CBT for me. I hadn't quite known what it was entirely until he explained everything to me. I get the gist of it, I really do. I try and do it in as many situations as I possibly can, but I think some situations tend to get blurred out, when they really should be taken care of.

Problem here is that it doesn't always work for me. And sometimes I'll understand that my thoughts may be distorted, but the part that tells me those things, and to SH doesn't really care. It'll just kinda stomp around my brain because it pretty much rules it.

So with that said, I also know there's practice I have to do with it, and my therapist also told me to build up a group of people who will help support me through it.

But I'm not entirely sure just those will work. So, are there any tricks to combating something like a voice that just overrules any logic?

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