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I am dying

Oh somebody please help me.

I can't go through life feeling this depressed anymore. I feel dead, suffocated and unable to breathe.

I just keep singing lines from that Smiths song: I haven't had a dream in a long time/ See the looks I've had would make a good man bad/ So please please please let me get what I want this time/ Lord knows it would be the first time

I feel bad because I care about my friends but I don't have the energy for them. I just either want to be laying on the sofa at home with my boy or asleep. I have no energy for anything.

Life just feels like an endless boring sea of nothing. Get up, work, go home, sleep. Repeat, repeat. Where's the joy?

I find joy in my fiance and my family, but they will die one day and then I'll be alone again.

I'm so afraid.

I want to have a child but I don't know that I'll be a good mum. I don't want to f*** up their life like my parents fucked up mine.

Last night I dreamt of suicide.

I don't want to die, I just want to feel happy.

Hold on.

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