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I have read studies that showed police departments and other workers exposed to traumatic events do worse over time when they get counsleors who rush in after the events to counsel them. That was no surprise to me.

A shock or trauma suspends a persons "critical functions" (what hypnotists will describe as the conscious ability to reason and protect the psyche from harm etc). When a shock suspends critical functions the door to the unconscious is open to suggestions and impressions that get in and can exert pressure on the psyche and intellect (and even the body since it has a form of memory).

Struggling with these memories and impressions can actually make them worse. Focusing on them too much also makes them worse. Concentration is one function of hypnotic fixation. If you have a lot of circular thinking (the "tapes" that play in your head) and flashbacks your intellect is actually an extension of all the traumas and emotions that led to them. Your mind can become captive to trauma.

The good thing to do is learn to "defocus" on the problems instead of looking at then too intensely. If your not ready to deal with the past then its a mistake to goad you into it. I wouldn't blame you for feeling apprehensive.

You can learn to let things bubble up on there own and learn to notice them without over-reacting. Things can just burn off that way. So its like looking at things without looking at things. The wrong way is to try to look at them against your judgment and and end up feeling you have to block them again out of self preservation.

You'll be ok once you stop trying so hard to fight against thing. Healing happens naturally if you learn how to get out of the way of the complexes that make you sabotage yourself.

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