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I have always wanted children but right now I'm nearly ready to have a child mentally but because I'm on benefits and don't have a job im not sure if they will let me hav an kinda assisted conception at a clinic and it would be harder to get studying after a baby than before but I've not got that long left time wise or at least that's how it feels.i turn thirty later this year and I'm dreading it coz i already feel like there's not enough years to do both or study and have three children before I reach thirty six which is apparently when things can become more high risk pregnancy wise. Just feel like I'm being torn in two and don't know what to do if I had another five or six years before I reached thirty six I would be able to do both. And do fertility clinic s decide they won't help if u don't have a job and are living on benefits . Also I'd have to save up for the fertility clinic treatments anyway (I'm happily single but would love a family,I don't want a man in my life so this is the only way) . Sorry if tmi.

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