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Advice pls!

So I know no one can tell me what to do but I would like some advice about further education

My dream is to do nursing, but with lack of qualifications and the fact the access course I did was a total failure (ended up in hospital) and the fact that I have a criminal record, it looks like this just isn't going to happen.
Though I was told at a uni interview that I had a chance of getting in with a criminal record if I had no more incidents and could apply again in 2020
I still don't have the entry qualifications anyway
Doing the access course again isnt an option

My other, more realisitc option is to do a health related qualification with the open university that I will probably enjoy. I did study with the OU before so already have some credits

I'm leaning towards OU.
I'm 27 and need to start doing something with my life rather than waiting for the opportunity to do something that I might not even get to do

Any advice would be appreciated!

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