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things I wish people know about self-injury

so I was talking to my DBT therapist, you know doing therapy. as you do. and I was talking about when I SI its usually in the bathroom. she was like "that makes sense, especially when there are razors around"

I was seriously annoyed and frustrated! like just because I self injure doesn't mean I use a razor! I find it extremally frustrating when people just assume I cut and that I use a razor to do so. please stop getting your reference from TV shows and movie's, seriously.

it also got me thinking about all the things that people then about self-injury. as a voluntary youth worker, I was told I needed to take a brake, coincidently after people found out about my SI. like I was a danger to everyone.

back when I was younger my mum hid all the knifes in the kitchen, it lasted a week though. she got fed up of having to supervise me making my food :)

I just needed to rant to people who would understand. how do you deal with these situations? I try to take a deep breath and explain how they are wrong or just angrily keep my mouth shut.

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