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Originally Posted by Lyanna View Post
Are those games the exact same as the ones here, with same design and all? Because I like this site's version of Mahjong in particular.
I doubt it, but nonperson was just rebutting your claim that all other places use flash.

Yes it would be nice if flash still existed and therefore the arcade still worked but it doesn’t and you kind of need to accept that I’m afraid or it’s just going to cause you more distress. I’m not sure there’s much else we can say in this thread; your question has been more than answered.

I would suggest going forward you maybe make a thread in general chat to ask for ideas for online games sites and see if anyone has any nice suggestions for you to help fill the gap that the RYL arcade used to fill for you. Or as Camden suggested, have a browse of the web and see what’s out there!

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