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so someone told me you needed a friend referral thats it. so i was like.... what? insurance co.s wont buy that!

so i called my insurance co. they transfered me to another place and told me just ask them for a referral in which they gave me a location and a phone number of a therapy office and gave me the referral. basically the referral is good for one session- an evaluation.

after the eval is done the therapist puts in a request for more sessions if you want more or feel you need more. then that reqest gets approved. so there was never any questions asked about what i wanted the referral for like beyond it being therapy. only when i got to the therapy office did i get asked by a receptionist why i was there... which was def like... awkward. but sall good now. i went tot he office today and im not going to lie... therapy is like thee weirdest experience ever. its really intimidating... and forcingurself to talk isnt easy as well as like once you say something the therapist is like doing an overview at the end and has basically said everything you said in not so many words straight to teh point.. then you say.... howd they get all that from what i said even though what they say sounds right and amkes sense...
its really different. i dont know if i like it or hate it. all i know is i dont like someone reading me that well when i dont even know em... but i think it may help over time. so thumbs up i guess.

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