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The rough guide is 3 minutes without air, X days without water and X weeks without food ..... and one is no longer alive. This is of course variable; dependent on the person, ambient temperature and many other factors.

Not eating/eating disorders is/are often about control. It is the only control that some people feel that they have of their life. Therefore look around your life for the possible triggers ... and deal with the triggers.

Being obese is not so much about what one eats as ones relationship with food. Why do people eat excessively? Again there are most likely triggers.

If one finds your body's Resting Metabolic Rate (not Basal),(there are calculators on the internet) then between that calorific figure and the amount of calories a male or female supposedly needs with an normal active life which is X/Y respectively .... One can have a decent stab at ones own figure.

As a pretty much immobile 58 yr old my figure is around Z calories a day. Eating that will maintain standard body weight or will lose weight if one is heavier, taking one down to the standard recommended weight.

One has to suspect you are blaming your life on your weight ... That is not how life works.

Truly, I would strongly suggest anyone in such a place, see their Dr and seek help.

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