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How are you doing now? Has your grandfather come yet? I'm really sorry you had to experience that. My situation was with my father so I get the family being changed thing. I finally told my mother and my father that I knew about it and both of them just ignored it completely. So I understand how difficult it would be to tell your family. I hope you are able to get a therapist because that is definitely a good Outlet. If you're not able to, do you have any friends that you're able to talk about these problems with them? I found that the more I shared my problems with various friends in my support system the easier it was just to go to them whenever I needed help with anything. They already know a good majority of what happened and so I don't have to repeat myself every time I talk to them like you do when you get on the hotline. I have found RAINN to be encouraging as well , and I'm glad you're able to utilize that when necessary. Keep us posted as to what happens please. Sending gentle hugs your way and prayers too.

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