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I hope youre doing better...

I just wanted to comment because I found this thread very inspirational.

Life does eventually get better LegendJoe4. I was in abusive and entirely messed up sitations from birth to about 17 years of age. I self harm. My parents found out and told me "Do it aagain and we will lock you up." That was it. Im anorexic. Bro, its tugh as hell! But you know what? I tried turning my outlet into writing poetry and running. This started slowly in eighth grade. Im currently a senior in high school. Today I have trophies and Medlas and Ribbons and National awards for what I turned my anger andstuff into. Im running college next year now. Find a passion man.

As the guy above said, these are just words right now. Read his posts several times more. Connect emotiknaity with him. He isnt just aa man saying this via internet. Im not saying you dont care or anything, I just feel reallly moved by him.

Elemntary was **** for mee too. I moved elementaries four times. Every school I was the outcast, I was the bullys victim, I was the one who began to never speak or do anything. Its different now. I feel more loved and accepted.

Recovery and feeling good isnt an overnight thing though. It takes time and patience.

To ItGetsBetter.... thanks for findiing this site and making an account to reply. It really doess mean a lot to me. Im copying your posts and putting them in my journal of inspiration. .

These kicks take me far away my dear;
Far away from myself
Far away from my troubles
Far away from heaven

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