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It's actually easier than you think, believe me. The key thing is absolute mental determination - without that nothing. If you really want to do it you can. There are millions of reformed smokers out there, all of whom gritted their teeth and went for it; they were not some sort of super human creatures, just ordinary people like you and I.

Smoking is highly dangerous - I lost three friends to lung cancer (13 times as many smokers die of it as do non-smokers and it's a highly unpleasant way to die). It's also ridiculously expensive. But it's obviously highly addictive.

Final word of advice: once you've started to stop (Irish!) don't be tempted to allow yourself "just one more". Stop cold turkey - either you're a smoker or you're not. There are no half measures.

Guess how I know so much about it? But it really is possible. Good luck!


Never surrender.

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