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Your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?
he has before, he may still now. it isn't ever going to happen, though.

Have you ever liked someone on your top?
as in, myspace top friends? i don't have any actual people on there, just like bands. but i do like them, yes. :D

If you woke up in one of the Saw movies, do you think you could survive?
i've only seen about five seconds of one scene in the fourth movie on halloween, and ... my answer is no. no, definitely not. ack.

Someone asks you on a date, where do you wanna go?
honestly? bowling. i am REALLY lame. :p

You have to get a facial piercing, what do you get?
hm, i would say a cute little nose ring, but i have a huge honker so i'm not sure :/

You have to get a tattoo, where and what do you get?
i'll get a swallow like five inches down from my underarm, like, on the side of my chest? yeah. i have it all planned out. :D

When's the last time you were in a photobooth taking pictures with friends?
too, too long ago.

Are you mad about anything?
i'm pretty content.

Your best friend is getting beat up real bad in a fight, do you help out?
oh goodness
i'd call the police and do what i could :/ i'm pretty wimpy.

When's the last time you had a birthday party?
several years ago :p
i'm not a party person.

Do you smoke weed everyday?
i don't care to

Could you go a month without cursing?
i mean, i could try. and i could probably do it. but i wouldn't want to. it's how i vent, haha.

Are you currently reading a book?
i'm reading a couple. dare truth or promise, and the glass castle. i jump around.

Have you ever ridden a horse?
you know, i can't actually remember. i think i have, but i may have dreamed it?

What's the funniest movie you've ever seen?
lol, the spongebob movie.
i really am lame.

Would you strip for a million dollars?
**** i don't know
i've been sitting here pondering this for five minutes, lawl.

Are you scared of sharks?
girrrl, i'm scared of everythang.

You get arrested, what for?
disturbing the peace.

What are you wearing?
a robe and one of dad's big shirts.

Have you ever been called 'scene'?
sort of.

Abortion; yes or no?
i'm not sure where i stand.
i think in certain cases, it's a good idea.

Gay marriage; yes or no?
absolutely, yes

Where are you right now?
in the study.

Did you go anywhere today?
friday's my lazy day!

When did you cry last?
i'm not sure. it's been a little while.
i teared up saying goodbye to a girl who was discharged from our group therapy yesterday.

Where's the last place you walked to?

What is the last thing you said aloud?
i probably laughed.

What's bothering you right now?
a lot of things, mostly just my worrying.
i'm a worrywart.

Something you're afraid of?

Do you believe in soul mates?
no, not really.

Do you like seafood?
no :|

Do you remember your dreams?
sometimes. lately they've been crazy realistic, and if i dream about feeding the cats i'll get up the next morning thinking that's been done. and when i get home later on, i'm like, ****! i didn't really feed them!

Last thing you ate?

Name some things you did yesterday?
went to therapy. went home. watched house. passed out in bed.

If you are being extremely quiet what does that mean?
just thinking.

What is the weather like today?
eh. it snowed a bit this morning, that was nice.

Do you have a best friend(s)?
not really D:

If someone looked ON your bed, what would they find?
blankies and a kitteh

Are you happy at the moment?
i'm content, i guess.

Are you a morning person or a night person?
it depends. on the weekends, morning. during the week, night.

Is there a difference between the words 'best friend' and the word 'friend"?
"The fact that one involves the word 'best' and the other does not."

What's your favorite season?
winter. i love the cold and the snow and getting to wear scarves and hats and boots :D

Where did you sleep last night and with who?
in my bed with my maxicat.

Do you remember me?
Is your mind that worn?
We both were born
to be one with that which the public scorns.

- The Church Channel: Say Anything

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