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I am so sorry for the long post. It's hard to condense my answers.

Never been able to keep up with Goodreads targets but I do want to try again because if I go back to uni it's going to be hard to cope with the amount of reading it'll require. I've never tried Open Learn...sounds promising!!!

I don't really manage. I get increasingly ill, easily overwhelmed, lose touch with reality & hurt myself & possibly others. Tried to have contingency plan w/ P in the past but they just said "you can stay at mine for a while", which wouldn't work/they wouldn't really agree to because they need time alone etc.

I try to spend time w/ people to cope. This past year, P has upset me a lot around trigger dates (which I hadn't told them about). They can be a bit prickly and basically I think I would start acting a bit weird(due to being unwell), & they would say something shitty/have a go at me. This literally just happened on Tuesday(trigger date). It's very hard to deal with.

I've had therapy on the NHS - group DBT. I think I need a different type to help w/ the trauma-related issues. I know there's another MH charity here but they say they only help people with "severe" MH issues which I a) don't qualify for and b) don't agree with on principle (how do you quantify mental illness?). Not a lot of support available due to cuts.

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