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Originally Posted by EyelinerAndCigarettes View Post
I have used one in the past and it wasn't too bad, although I do understand the anxiety around new things.

How easy is it to get the stuff?
Pretty easy, you get given a code to enter that opens a 'door' and then you get your thing(s).
Are they generally high up or low down?
Sadly it's random, can be high up or low down to the floor.
Is it a very long code?
It's not that long from what I can remember but it'll be in an email that you could always print out/write down/have on your phone.
How long do you have to get the stuff?
You have 3 days to get your thing(s).
My experience is a lot like above, I used one a few times when I was having packages stolen and didn't expect to be home the day things were meant to be delivered. There wasn't much fuss and it was pretty simple.

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