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Hi everyone, I am a 27 year old man seeking advice. This past year has been one full of highs and lows for me. I was lucky enough to become engaged to absolute love of my life in late December 2018. At this time her and I were both excited and full of energy as one might expect. We started making plans for a wedding and searching for our first home, things were great. Two months after our engagement her father tragically passed away. This obviously devastated her. After the initial shock and mourning period we put planning the ceremony on the back burner and focused on finding a home to purchase. We are both first time home owners so during this period I had begun to work 7 days a week(I am an electrician and a builder on the side) so that our savings would take a minimal hit when we started to furnish the home. This was a tough time for us, constant work was taking its tole on me and I was becoming more and more concerned for my fiancé. She has a history of depressive episodes and I, having never lost a close family member, struggled to understand what she was going through. I have loving family but find it difficult openly discus such things. All I really know to do is simply be there, listen and make sure she knows how much I love her. We eventually found a home and after a somewhat stressful buying process moved in in late July. At first everything was great, but as time passed Taylor began to get worse, to the point that it’s extremely difficult for her to talk about a wedding In which her father will not be a part of. I try so hard to support her and be there but I am ashamed to admit that I became inwardly frustrated and have begun to fall into my own depressive spiral. It has become difficult to stay on top of normal responsibilities, I have lost interest in most of my hobbies, no will to do side work, having trouble sleeping, and feel anxious and ashamed most of the time. We are at a point where she needs the best me that I can be. Has anyone had a similar experience? How can I find my old vigor and drive again? The will to constantly improve? The words to say when she could really use them? I know this is minor compared to the problems of some but any advice or guidance would be a huge help. Thank you so much in advance.

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