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Here to offer advice if I can.

Life is a strange thing, that is for sure. Far shorter than one imagines at age 20 .... or 30.

Until I was 48yr old I owned a wide variety of businesses. the type which require a suit. Plus I raced motorcycles for decades, rebuilt cars and did many other things.

Then I became chronically ill literally over night when we were living on the EU mainland. A decade on I am reclusive in splendid rural isolation and rarely go outside. This is not agoraphobia or some sort of mental affliction, I just don't want to go out as it is invariably uncomfortable and for myself, gains little.

However, I have a plethora of information and experience I have garnered from my life.

We are an academic family, my wife a Dr of Psychology and both our adult children are also presently finishing their PhD's. One in physics and the other in sociology. Myself I have been to university a couple of times; economics & political science.

However I am also a fully trained vehicle mechanic and used to hold an HGV 1 licence .... My wife and I have owned everything from bars to camp sites.

So, as I am not religious and do not go out it seemed reasonable to join a site where maybe some of my experience would prove useful advice ... Or not as the case may be.

This probably all sounds pompous, but it is not pompous; it is simply who we are and what we do. There is no affectation attached.

Hopefully I can be of help.

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