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Staying out of your room to keep you safe sounds good. I hope you have a good visit and can stay distracted. Is asking for PRN if you need it an option?

I'm including some information below about injections if you would find it helpful to read. I have put it under a hide so if it is unhelpful you do not have to see it or read it. You can ask me questions about injections if you want, but if it is better for you to not think about it or understand any of it that is reasonable too.

The following content has been hidden - Reason : about injections
Fwiw, I have to prepare my injections with a much larger needle than the one I actually inject with. So chances are also if you saw photos or read things you likely saw it with the needle for drawing up, not the actual needle for injecting. The reasoning for it being larger when you prepare is that if it's a thicker or more viscous liquid, you need to use a larger size to actually force it out from the bottle into the syringe. Then you switch to a super tiny needle to actually do the injection itself with. I wouldn't worry too much about any of that. You should be able to ask not to see the needle at all, and they should have everything prepared already. Most of the time I can't even find the place where I've injected myself when I go to put the bandaid on because it's so tiny!

For example it takes me seven minutes TOTAL to get out all of my supplies, prepare everything, do the injection, and put all of my supplies away. It absolutely takes less than a minute to do the injection itself. Pretty much all the rest of the time is just preparation. So that's a part you luckily get to avoid by having someone else do it for you! For me it's helpful to do all of it myself and understand how it works, but I can understand for a lot of folks more information might not necessarily be better.

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