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A little reflection

Woah! This board used to be big and scary when i first joined at age 16!
Now i guess it's my new home (i'm 24 now)

Teenage-me was a whirlwind of emotions, daily SH and incredibly unstable relationships..
Adult-me had a self awareness revelation not long ago (after my partner jokingly suggested i have bipolar disorder) that i have BPD. Nearly a year of pestering GP's and jumping through hoops and ta-da! One BPD diagnosis.

In some ways, i haven't changed at all!

So many of you helped me in my times of need when i reached out and i think i'd like to start using RYL more to return the favour.

Thank you all
Lora x

I only visit RYL once or twice a year - see my profile for other ways to contact me xox

"I figured out it was a social thing, what women were allowed to do. At a very young age, I decided I was not going to follow women`s rules."

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