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Originally Posted by Porphy View Post
I went to Soul Survivor week A. And on the last night me and a friend went to late night worship, prayer and intercession. I was cuddling this cushion we carried about to sit on instead of the floor. And a woman I had no idea who was came up and told me that the way I was cuddling that cushion is the same as the way God holds me through everyday and every hour.

I just thought I'd share.
thats really good. i tend to end up standing chocked after thats happend to me. i remebr at church i wasnt feeling to good and was just sort of sat there after the service and a lady whose first time it was to that church came and sat next to me and gave me a big hug (which is what i really wanted from anyone i just dnt like asking) told me that God loves me and doesnt want me to hurt. she said she felt she just needed to come and give me a hug. its amazing how God works sometimes

Theres a little truth behing every just kidding,
A little curiosity behind every just wondering,
A little knowledge behind every i dont know.
And a little emotion behind every i dont care.

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