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If anyone wants to join me in the safe room I am a little girl who likes to play with bunny rabbits and kitty cats and has lots and lots and lots of funny cute stuffed animals who have voices and talk to me. Even though I'm still just a little girl I can do lots of really cool things cuz I learned it when I was much younger. I can dance and sing and Kawa with crayons all sorts of really cool pretty thing. I'm hugging my bunny right now her name is tadda. She's one of my favorites she's pink and purple my two favorite colors. She also has some turquoise on her she's really pretty . I love Tadda. She gets lots of hugs and laughs and is very very silly. He likes to jump a lot to I think she's another form of dynamite! I like playing with Tadda. She's really friendly so if anyone wants to play with us feel free to come in. It's Willie very pretty in here cuz I painted in here. Yea there are rainbows and kitty cats and bunny rabbits and waterfalls all sorts of pretty flowers. In the sun's always shining and it's a happy Sun with a big ol on it! Cuz it shining on me and saying I love you ! It can shine on anyone else who wants to join me. But right now I'm fine with playing by myself with tadda. By the way she's called tadda because she's a tie-dye bunny
And it looks like she's saying tah-dah! I'm here!

I am still me no matter what SIZEor shape I am!

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