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Returning to Work When Manager and Colleagues Know About Your Suicide Attempt

Today I am returning to work on a phased return after a suicide attempt (serious overdose) in July.

Before the overdose I e-mailed two of my colleagues my suicide note during the night in the hope I would be dead by morning (when they would read it) but hoped my guide dog would be rescued. Those two colleagues found me unconscious the next morning, had to provide emergency first aid and ring the emergency services.

My Manager is obviously aware of the situation and I think my whole team are now. I want to apologise to the two colleagues who found me and my Manager/team but I donít know how to approach things.

Has anyone else returned to work where colleagues knew about your suicide attempt? How best did you find to approach things?

Many thanks for any help.

i do not always manage to be around but i wish you all the very best - love and luck to you all!

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