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How to return to work

I have been off work for 2 months with depression. I have been to occupational health and I'm almost ready to go back my sick note runs out in 2 weeks and she suggested 2 weeks phased return while I get used to my medication but then said I have to use my holidays to make up the extra hours of phased return so I said no and shes fine with that, she said I can take the 2 weeks sick and come back to work full time mid June.

I checked with hr and they will pay for me to have phased return full time pay without using my holidays.

So now I do have the option of phased return or straight back to work full time and I dont know which one is best. Does anyone have any thoughts??

The only thing about the phased return is I have 2 appointments I'd need time off for during it and work are already annoyed with me taking time off for appointments so I dont want them to be annoyed before I even start.


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