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How accurate are blood tests in Scotland

I know this is technically asking for reassurance and it goes against all my CBT training but after being told earlier this month by the doctor that my blood tests (three vials for a variety of tests) came back all healthy with no cause for concern, I had another panic attack today that resulted in scary physical symptoms and has now brought back my fear of imminent death. I don't know why I don't believe my parents and the medical professionals.

I'm lying in bed conscious of every little ache, pain and muscle weakness in my body and mu brain has concluded that my body is shutting down. I h ave all the classic panic attack symptoms however mine include sometimes vomiting. I hate it. I was feeling better a few days ago and it started again after I started thinking about having one.

It all started since I started feeling lonely and sleeping in a lot at university. I didn't think I was enjoying myself as much as I should have. Then I caught a virus which scared me so badly I was sure I was going to die. I should know by now that the likelihood of me, a healthy woman in her 20s, dying in her sleep is very slim, but then I remember Brugada syndrome exists and it's hard to detect so I worry that the doctors missed some crucial detail in my blood concerning my lungs and heart.

Are medical tests/healthcare services really as good here in Scotland as my family say? Is there a chance they could have missed something and I actually have a serious medical condition that people are mistaking for anxiety?! Or am I going to be okay?

Ps: I take sertraline and beta blockers, all prescribed by the NHS which I am told is a very good service.

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