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I feel really scared and sad right now. I've seen the news of what's happening in the world and it's causing me great distress. I'm scared there's going to be a WW3 or a bomb going off in the UK. Trump in office makes me nervous. Iran's regime makes me neevous that makes me feel like everything is going to end and I will never have a life or career or see the world. I keep having images of me and my parents watching the death and carnage on TV and just holding each other going "this is it, this is the end, I love you, I love you too" etc.

I have my appointment on Thursday. But I worry if I will actually see it, because I'm scared that I won'the make it through the night or the events in the news will have escalated to catastrophic proportions. I'm really frightened right now. I can't concentrate on anything but death. I don't know what to do!

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