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Update: New Years Eve went smoothly. It wasn't until 1AM that I had to retire downstairs to bed. I still stayed up I just sat in bed. I woke up late today and took one of my prescribed beta blockers. I went to put my head down on the pillow and suddenly felt very woozy and weak despite sleeping for most of the day. I was scared that I would die in my sleep. I feel wobbly when I move too. I worry about this more than I should be.

I took 2 of the beta blockers yesterday and they really helped but I took one 2 hours ago and I still feel weak and tired which causes death anxiety.

My doctor said she can only do the 9th of January and I've been feeling like this for weeks. Right now I feel hot flushes like when you have a cold and I feel weak and don't have the energy to walk about and if I try I'm scared I'll fall. I have water beside me and a lavender scented candles. I'm also taking deep breaths.

I don't know how many propranolol it takes for something dangerous to happen but I only took 40mg to today. I felt really sick but hopefully I will feel better soon.

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