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Thank you, you are both so so kind. I've calmed down a little bit and stopped shaking. The beta blockers have slowed my heart rate and I'm steadying my breathing. All that's left is the lightheadedness. My Mum and Dad, bless them, are buying me ginger snaps to eat because of their natural nausea fixing remedies. The symptoms came on so suddenly I was scared I was dying. Nausea, dizziness, rapid breathing, hot flushes, fainty feeling and shaking. I've never fainted before, never been a fainter but I always worry about it. I'm mostly scared of not regaining consciousness.

Is it common to feel fatigue and hot after a panic attack? I have a lot of that right now. I've popped on some stand up comedy to take my mind off it. I'm just coming down from the after effects of it I suppose.

And this is after my GP gave me blood tests, a hearth check and an oxygen check and confirmed I didn't show signs of anything serious. I don't know why I believe my own dumb scary brain over a healthcare professional with 10+ years of experience. I'm comforted because I know healthcare is good where I am but that doesn't stop me from thinking "They missed something you're going to die!"

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