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I met with the constable last week. He read my statement back to me, the unofficial one he took when I was sectioned. It was, was horrible, obviously. I thought maybe I overreacted, even tho most told me I wasn't. I cried. I had flashbacks or whatever they were, It was horrifying. I told him everything, I forgot that I did. I didn't leave a single detail out. Things got misunderstood, like the fact that I text my friend before, saying I had met someone and after that something bad happened. I've since deleted the messages. He said technically something bad happened two to three times. I was thought it was on and off but he counted as more than once. Don't know how to process it. Want to self harm but doing skills. Distracting by playing my uke and guitar obviously not a the same time. He's gonna bring him in for questioning even tho it was historic and my word against his. I just need closure you know?

With regard to the anniversary, I'll read up on it Jenna, but I'm going to spend a few days in the city with k, gonna go to ghetto golf, should be good. Just tired.

UTI is sorted.

Thanks guys ♥️


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